Dr. Amin Javid



Dr. Javid is a nationally published author in the field of Human Biomechanics and Functional Movement.

Dr. Javid’s Whole-Body approach successfully identifies and addresses the root cause of neuromusculoskeletal disorders and has placed him amongst the most sought after authorities in the area. His unique abilities and successful track record has attracted clients ranging from professional athletes and musicians to individuals suffering from neurodegenerative disorders such as multiple sclerosis, stroke and muscular dystrophy. He is amongst a highly elite handful of doctors in the entire country whose creative talents have been commissioned by physicians, educational establishments and leading medical experts spanning across three countries.

Dr. Javid currently practices in Beverly Hills California where he, in conjunction with INFUSIO PERFORMANCE continue to treat and in many cases reverse the degeneration process for thousands of people from across the world.


The Penthouse
435 North Bedford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA-90210
Call: +1 (888) 605 6579
Mail: info@infusio.org