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5 Questions to Ask Before Stem Cell Therapy

08 May 5 Questions to Ask Before Stem Cell Therapy

The field of stem and regenerative therapy continues to promise new and exciting developments to address many of today’s most challenging diseases. By unlocking new scientific discoveries or reaching new biological understanding, scientists and doctors give hope...

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Stromal vascular fraction

21 Sep Stromal Vascular Fraction – The Magic Juice

Stromal vascular fraction (SVF) doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but don’t let that stop you from considering its many benefits. SVF is a newer form of stem cell therapy that is made up of stem cells harvested from adipose tissue (fat) found in our...

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15 Sep 7 Principles in Overcoming Lyme Disease

If you have Lyme disease, you have probably been to doctors and may even have been diagnosed with several different conditions. It’s likely you have tried numerous therapies as well, only to feel no better than when you started. Sadly, Lyme disease can be a...

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26 Aug Beginner´s guide to regenerative medicine

Ever since modern medicine began, it has focused on surgery, replacement, and management. If patients had a blown-out knee, doctors performed surgery and prescribed drugs for the pain. Torn ligament? Same. Pain, disease? Help them manage it ...

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