Lyme Disease Treatment for Your Child | Lauren’s Story (VIDEO)

Lyme Disease Treatment for Child

13 Sep Lyme Disease Treatment for Your Child | Lauren’s Story (VIDEO)

My Child’s Journey with Lyme Disease Treatment: Lauren and Infusio

Guest Post by Jodi Vogan

Somewhere between September 24 – 26, 2016,  we lost our child.  Our 13 year old daughter was in the middle of pursuing her dreams and honing her acting skills during episodic season in L.A.  Prior to these days, Lauren was a vibrant, talkative, funny, social tween.  She loved crafting, acting, singing, and hanging out with her friends.  I called Scott on Sept. 26th and frantically told him to book the first flight home and be prepared to see a child that was a shell of herself.  We got her home, and for the next several weeks, Lauren sat catatonic on the couch.  She was scared of herself, scared of others, scared of her home, scared of her shadow.  Scott and I were desperate to find answers as she begged us for relief.  She couldn’t be alone.  She wanted me with her 24/7.  I sat beside her incessantly researching and begging friends and family to pray all by computer and test so as not to upset Lauren as she looked to me for comfort.  Lauren watched TV to try to drown out whatever was going on in her head.  I had to begin taking sleeping medicine just to be able to sleep as she had required me to sleep with her – and she had to be on me or touching me the whole night.  Sometimes, I’d try to sneak away, but she’d awaken in full blown panic attacks if I’d left her side. This arrangement went on for weeks.  Even after getting the diagnosis of OCD, treatment and relief eluded Lauren.  Well, it eluded our whole family.

13 Year Old Girl Suffered From Lyme Disease

The lengths we went to find answers and relief took us down a road of dozens of doctors, therapists, hospitals, and various treatment plans.  No one had it right, though everyone was trying so hard.
It wasn’t until I was sitting on my bathroom floor one of the most lonely and frustrating nights, that I called a friend who has two children with special needs.  I asked her how to mourn the loss of my child.  One day we were in L.A. and preparing for important meetings with a network, and literally a few days later we were contemplating hospitalizing our child.  How does that happen?  How do you mourn?  There weren’t enough hours in the day to research enough, and there certainly wasn’t time to cry.  My dear friend suggested that I take Lauren to get a full workup done on her that included blood work tests for Lyme disease.  I followed her suggestion.

Diagnosis: Lyme Disease

The weeks went by, and Lauren deteriorated more.  The desire to socialize alluded her.  She lost the desire to jump on her trampoline.  She didn’t care to get in her brand new swimming pool and enjoy the hot tub while watching the stars.  She stopped singing.  She was finally back in school but couldn’t handle the lunch room noise, so had exiled herself to quiet in the library for lunch leaving all her friends to enjoy time without her.  She lost her appetite.  Professionals were telling us that if she continued down this path, we would lose her within 6 months.  She would be permanently homebound unable to cope in the world around her.  Scott and I couldn’t watch that happen.  We tried everything to bring her back.  Therapy was only frustrating her and exhausting me as the exposure therapy was traumatizing.  I finally resigned that I wasn’t mother enough and chose to arrange plans that had been looming for months.  Hospitalization at a psychiatric hospital.  They had been waiting to take her given her severe condition.  So, we agreed and began packing.

Four days before setting off to the hospital, on December 1, 2016, the blood test results came back.  Lauren was “5 bands CDC positive.”  I had no idea what that meant, but I was told that was a golden ticket of confirmation.  Now I get it.  Scott and I ran up to the school that was loving on our daughter and standing right with us as we all tried to find her in there somewhere.  We sat with her and said, “Lauren, we don’t know yet what all this means, but you don’t have OCD.  You have Lyme Disease.  We know that Lyme Disease can cause inflammation in the brain that looks like OCD.  However, if you treat the Lyme, you can reduce the inflammation.  That reduction will decrease the OCD symptoms.  That’s all we know right now, but we wanted you to know that we will be working with this new information now.  Go back to class and know that you are not going to the hospital.”  With lots of blinking in shock and lots of tears, we all hugged and she went on back to class.

Watch the Video Above for Lauren’s Story

By December 3, I was on the phone with someone who had been to Infusio.  None of it made sense but I just kept writing information hoping that at some point the dots would connect.  A Lyme Literate Pediatric Doctor opened her doors early for us on December 6 given Lauren’s severe Lyme symptoms.  So, we flew out of state to meet her and returned with a regimen of 50 pills per day for 2 years.  Overwhelmed with the regimen and armed with the knowledge from the December 3rd conversation and further research that never ended, I knew that the 2 years of antibiotic treatment was no guarantee of fixing my kid.  What was guaranteed was 2 years of side effects, possible seizures, and a destroyed gut at the end of the treatment.  We began the protocol.  Those were the worst days of fighting.  Fighting to remember to give her her meds, and fighting because she couldn’t remember either.  Oh, it was war when our family was normally so close.  We discussed this Infusio treatment as lasting only 2 weeks with less side effects, no continual checkups afterwards, and the sound of confidence that they could address Lauren’s needs without harsh medicines.  We also knew we had spent into six-figures in no time flat.  At least we knew that the one-time payment of $25,000 for the Integrative Lyme Disease Program would be all that would be required.  So, we decided…No Thank You.  We are done.  We booked our flight to return to LA, but this time the Role of a Lifetime was for Wellness at Infusio.

Lyme Disease Treatment Child Kids Toddler

Lauren arrived sick and scared to Infusio.  She was tired, she was skeptical, she was withdrawn.  During the 2-week treatment, Lauren was given a protocol to treat her from the ground up.  They weren’t treating her Lyme disease, they were treating her entire immune system.  Her whole system as getting a “re-boot.”  The first day jitters were quickly calmed in the spa-like atmosphere and reassurance by Infusio Staff that we could let them take over and care for Lauren now.  Oh my gosh, the relief that came from releasing myself from all the research, all the worry, all the despair.  We were at Infusio.  We were praying for peace and relief.

The Infusio Lyme Disease Treatment: A Life Saver for my Child

Treatment began with a Global Diagnostic Test that set her treatment plan.  From there, she received IV treatment everyday for 3-4 hours per day.  Some were to address her immune system.  Cell repair and detoxification of the cells were part of the treatment, too.  One of the big ones for Lauren included a neuro-amino mix to support detoxification and repair of the nervous system.  Other IV treatments addressed inflammation.  Toxins, parasites, bacteria, viruses’ and yeast were treated in daily IVs along with removing lead from the bloodstream.  Nutrients were also being pumped in through Myers’ Cocktails and Vitamin-C.  10 Pass Ozone Therapy was provided in a non-traditional method in order to ensure that she would be able to reap the benefits of ozone therapy.

Stem Cell Injections for Childhood Lyme Disease

When not hooked up to IV bags, Lauren enjoyed the lymphatic drainage sessions.  She looked like an oompah-loompah.  Haha!!  Trigger Point Therapy was vital to understanding the need to work your body and continue to stretch and break down scar tissue for mobility.  Thymus Therapy was a daily shot that she eventually did without hesitation knowing her immune system would benefit.  Photobiomodulation was a daily rest in a laser bed, and it stimulated her stem cells to prepare for the Big Day.  The Big Day came with a mini liposuction to extract her own stem cells with the use of local anesthesia.  The Cell Therapy Program is called Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF).  SVF pushed Lauren’s body into a position to regulate cell function and healing.

Life Changing Outcome

Today Lauren is no longer suffering like she was before. She has no OCD symptoms to speak of. If she gets tired, she may get a bit anxious. However, with a bit of rest, the anxiousness goes away. The pain in her body, that we only learned about in her journey toward healing have dissipated. She looks forward to trying out for track with her friends. The fatigue that gripped her has loosened his hold on her. We never knew she suffered from fatigue. She now knows the difference and is enjoying a new found energy. The memory loss and difficulty she had keeping information straight turned out to be related and resolved with Infusio’s treatment. Another benefit is that Lauren realizes that her diet makes a difference. Paleo, sugar free, dairy free, and grain free are all vital to her healing and staying well.

We are ever grateful for Infusio. Infusio and it’s treatment for Lyme, but ultimately her immune system, has changed Lauren’s life. The clinic has saved her and saved our family. We are so thankful that our journey led us to Infusio. The end of our journey lies with Infusio.

Child Lyme Disease Survivor

Lauren and her family survived Lyme Disease with proper treatment from Infusio


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