Herbal Capsules

Herbal capsules enjoy a long tradition in Asian medicine. Encapsulation of an herb can make it more palatable to ingest, especially when using bitter herbs.


Plant material is finely ground down to break open the cellular structure and release the active ingredients.  The fine art of extraction is to avoid any heat producing friction during the grinding process. This can destroy valuable proteins and vitamins. For this reason, grinding is often done by hand, using a mortar and pestle or a hand mill.


After grinding, plant powders can be used as a single extract or be combined to make a remedy . The finished product is then manually filled into vegetarian capsules. Some products are filled into so-called enteric capsules. These are used to protect delicate extracts from the acid in the stomach. The capsule safely delivers the remedy into the small intestine before it slowly dissolves, releasing its contents.

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