Gesundheit Naturopathics is all about you

gesundheit-naturopatics-herbal-product1You are unique and so are your symptoms. So, why settle for ‘one size fits all’ when dealing with your health. In our view, individualized medicine is not a luxury but a necessity to achieve the best treatment and find ideal the remedies for your personal health challenge.


All of our plant extracts and supplements are hand crafted at our Beverly Hills location. We only use the best, certified organic ingredients to artfully produce high quality tinctures, plant powders and teas. These base products are then artfully combined to produce the exact formulation for your individual needs.


After a thorough analysis, we use the Global Diagnostic system to individually test your energetic reaction to each substance. Based on these results, your practitioner prescribes the exact ingredients to strengthen and support your system. These are then blended and bottled or packaged as your personal remedy.

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